Sailing around Hat Island

by Chuck July 19, 2002

We managed to get all the way around Hat Island on this sail.

This is another entry where the original just says "More soon..." I never got around to writing any more, and don't really recall all that much about the day.

I do remember cutting through the water across toward the tip of Hat Island. And another sailboat over hauling us and then sailing away as we rounded the north tip of the island. The wind seemed to die as we got on the west side of the island and we had to motor for a while, then it came up again as we got to the south end of the island.

I think this is the trip where I managed to get Odyssey sailing wing-and-wing, but that could have been another trip.

I do know it was a good day on the water. Most are.



Finally we get to sail

by Chuck July 12, 2002

We motored out to the flats west of Jetty Island to meet Salty Lady. Ron and Sue were doing some crabbing, and had anchored up in the shallows for the day.

When we go there we motored in close to exchange hellos, and to see how the crabbing was going. After we said "hi" we headed off to set the sails. Ron took so pictures as we hoisted and set off for Hat Island.

I'd spend more time telling you about our day, but it would save us both time if you just took a look at my Possesion Sound sailing story. It's even got pictures.



Bobbing about

by Chuck June 14, 2002

Our second trip out on Odyssey wasn't as successful as the first, mostly because the weather gods weren't cooperating. Oh, it was a fabulous day out on the water, sunny, warm, blue skies. But there was one thing missing...


We spent an hour going about half a mile. There was just enough wind to keep the sails full, but not enough for us to go anywere. Dana was pretty frustrated, but it was nice to be out on the water.



Maiden Sail

by Chuck May 31, 2002

After a couple of months of preparation, we were finally ready to Odyssey in the water and give this sailing thing a try.

My old version of this log says "more soon" but I honestly can't remember much about our first day out on Odyssey. Seems like I should remember more, but other than hoisting the main sail and then the genoa I can't picture much about that day.

That's probably a good thing, actually. Our first day sailing wasn't the fiasco it could've been.



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