Spare Time Gizmo's ELF 2K

Get a bunch of nostalgic 30- and 40-somethings together and pretty soon you end up with something like the ELF 2000, a microcomputer that combines the 1976 technology of the 1802 and modern electronics like programmable gate arrays and Compact Flash cards.

The ELF2K was released in 2004, and made it on the cover of Nuts and Volts in August of 2006, the 30th anniversary of the ELF computer. I came late to the party, Dana bought me a partial ELF2K kit for my birthday in January, 2009.

I spent quite a few happy hours over the next 6 months getting the parts that I needed to finish the kit, soldering it together, getting more parts, soldering them on, ordering the parts I forgot the first two times, soldering them together, building the switch plate, and all the other little fiddly bits that it takes to build a kit like this.

Mine had some teething troubles, just like the original one that I built back in 1977, I got my new/old ELF running. Now I just need to see what I can do with it.

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