Tearing down for the winter

by Chuck October 4, 2002

Fall weather has arrived here on Puget Sound. Mornings are socked in fog, days are damp and rainy, and nights are cold and wet. I don't want to stop sailing, but it's time to put the gear away and plan for the winter's work.

I spent an hour throwing gear over the side of the boat then hauling it into the shop. I helped Dana clear off a gardening shelf so that I had a place to put the gear coming off the Odyssey.

Here's the things I hauled out:

  • Sails, sail bags, and sail covers.
  • Safety gear (life jackets, throwable float, safety harnesses, flares, horn, manual bilge pump, oar).
  • Galley gear (a plastic box of cups, plates, baby wipes, and towels).
  • Extra clothes, towels, hats.
  • The battery. (A 5Ah battery out of the horse trailer. I'm legal, but not for long.)
  • The boom, main sheet and blocks, and boom vang.
  • Main and jib halyard, topping lift.
  • The whisker pole.
  • Ground tackle (anchor, bent on rode, spare rode from under the seat).
  • Miscellaneous stuff (the garbage bucket, the earring for the mainsail, a cracker with cheese and salami stuck to it).

Now I just need to cover her up with a tarp and we're good for the winter.



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