What? Another boat show?

by Chuck March 6, 2004

This year the NWMTA is putting on the first Everett boat show in the brand new Everett sports center. They covered the ice where the Silvertips play hockey and brought in about 1/4 of the boats and 1/8 the booths of the Seattle boat show.

The vibe at the Everett show is very different than the Seattle show. In Seattle, there are thousands of people every hour hustling on and off the biggest and best boats the major dealers have to offer. In Everett, the smaller dealers in the Snohomish county area brought in their smaller boats (the biggest boat in Everett was 34 feet). There were only a few hundred people there while Katie and I were at the show, so we got to go on almost every boat we wanted to see without a wait.

Katie was a lot of fun to be with at the show. She was hyped and excited and asked questions and ran ahead and went on every kind of boat and charmed the sales people and and and...

Now if only I could get her to have as much fun on the water.

I also learned that there are three boat builders in Monroe, the little town outside of Everett where we live. I knew about two of them, but three, that's getting greedy.

I didn't manage to get away from the show without buying something. I bought a boathook from Popeye's for $16.25. Now next year if my best hat goes in the water we will have a better chance of picking it up.



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