Cascadia Everett Crawl-In

by Chuck November 21, 2004

I decided it would be interesting to meet some of the people that post regularly to Sailnet's Pacific Northwest mailing list, a group that formed a virtual society called the Cascadia Association of Sailors. I headed in to Everett, cleverly timing my arrival at the restaurant so that the others would have already arrived.

It was a little odd at first, because no one at the table really knew who I was. Once I explained that I was mostly a lurker, they were more comfortable with me there. And I was able to start a couple of conversations, which always helped.

It was interesting to see how many things the sailors at the table had in common. Two of the guys were bicyclists, two others had done really long (2100 and 2600 mile) rides. There were kids, and dogs, and of course sail boats.

Afterwards I went with Ron and Greg down to Allegro, Ron's boat moored at the marina. Ron treated me to a beer, and the three of us talked for another hour about getting by, making a living, and, of course, sailing.

I had a good time meeting the other folks from the Cascadia list, and look forward to getting together with them again.



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