Prep time

by Chuck April 23, 2005

The weather here in Pugetopolis has been remarkable warm this spring. So warm, in fact, that Dana suggested we go sailing on Sunday. Unfotunately, she made the suggestion Friday night, and we had plans for most of the day on Saturday.

So Saturday morning I pulled the tarp off to take a look at the damage the winter had done. No trees in the rubrail this time, and no bird's nests in the mast, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. The cockpit was full of leaves and the anti-skid on the deck was full of dirt, but nothing that time and a scrub brush wouldn't put right.

Unfortunately, when I pulled the mast earlier in the year, I'd pulled the clevis pins from two of the turnbuckles, and now I couldn't find them. I'd put them somewhere safe, but so safe I didn't know where they were anymore. Well, I needed to make a trip to the boat store for spark plugs and a new water pump impeller anyway...

Saturday afternoon I got to start scrubbing. As usual, I started at the bow and worked my way aft, even though the last time I scrubbed the boat I told myself I'd work the other way. But it just takes time, and elbow grease, and soap and water to get the dirt off, and by late afternoon I had the outside of the boat relatively clean.

It wasn't until Saturday evening that I could get inside Odyssey and clean up the cabin. Joe came along to help, I put him in charge of bailing out the bilge with the wet/dry vac. By the time it got dark Saturday night we'd cleaned up the interior and were ready to start loading Sunday morning.



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