Actually sailing

by Chuck June 15, 2006

Sometime in June, 20061

Headed out for a day sail with Dana and the kids.

Seemed like it was easy to get started, but it still took an hour to get off the dock.

Once we were out in the river we had a small problem with the keel winch: it refused to roll down. I ended up crawling under the cockpit to spin it down by hand. The winch is pretty rusted up; it needs some TLC.

Once we were out on the Sound we had a great time chasing the wind. Dana tried reading the wind fly but couldn't seem to get the hang of it. After a while she gave me the tiller; I actually got to sail my boat this time.

The wind was fairly strong all day, although a couple of times it did manage to blow out at the least opportune moment, usually just as a big powerboat went across our bow. Why -- with all that ocean out there -- they have to cross right of our bow I'll never know.

Dana, Katie, and Joey ended up sleeping below for most of the day while I single-handed.

By 6-ish everyone was cold and tired, so we headed in. We tied up in the dock at 12th street for an hour or so to eat dinner. It was quite cozy in the cabin -- we enjoyed the protection from the wind.

1Not sure of the date on this. It's in a log file called "Odyssey-606" which means it was written in June of 2006, but the actual date on the entry is March 1, 2006, which is clearly wrong. It was probably after the 11th, considering the last entry was made on that date, but I'm not sure when.



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