Once more into the barn

by Chuck November 14, 2008

We finished putting the new roll-up barn door on the back end of the barn, so I am finally free to move Odyssey to the barn and go to work on her. It only took a few minutes work to hook her up to the truck and back her down into the barn.

So now she's nestled down under cover this winter, tucked into the barn in the only position that works: We can get into the tool stall and the storage stall by slipping past the bow, and the rabbit's stall is accessible past the stern.

The best part is that we can slip the tractor our the back of the barn if we need to, which means I'll be able to store Odyssey in the barn all winter and get some real work done on her.

Unfortunately, it's late on a busy day and I'm not up for much more than moving her over here. But tomorrow is free...



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