The new project list

by Chuck November 16, 2008

Sitting in quiet contemplation on the deck of my sailboat, I came up with a list of projects. Some old, some new, but all things that would improve our days on Odyssey.

Here are the things that I'm realistically going to get done this winter:

  • Clean the cockpit.
  • Clean the cabin.
  • Swab the decks.
  • Clean the green scum off the mast and mast fittings.
  • Put the new winch in.
  • Clean, sand and oil the hatch slides.
  • Clean, sand and oil the door slides.
  • Clean, sand and oil the cabin-top grab rails
  • Fill the holes on the sides of the cockpit where fittings have been removed.
  • Build a new door for the companionway.

Here are the things that I'd like to do, but really, what're the chances that I'll actually get them done?

  • Get a new main sheet.
  • Replace the other lines on the boom (outhaul, downhaul).
  • Get the line I need for a jib downhaul.
  • Replace the old, ugly cleats with new, shiny stainless steel cleats.
  • Replace the lifelines.
  • Put on a real stern ladder.
  • Sew new cushions for the cabin.
  • Put in an electrical system that actually works.

I'm sure that there's more. There always is.



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