Just a sunny Saturday

by Chuck April 4, 2009

Today it was sunny -- for the first time in a long time. The constant rain has been getting to us -- we lay in bed at night and listen to the rain pound on the roof and gurgle through the gutters and think "just how long is a cubit, anyway?" Getting a respite from the rain was a nice change.

Even the local wildlife was feeling happier. Our neighborhood deer, a doe and two yearlings, were gamboling around in the pasture, doing that funny sproinging run that deer do. 

Katie, Joey and I -- along with Katie's friend Darrington and Joey's friend Justin -- went to a Civil War re-enactment and remembrance ceremony over in Snohomish. There's an old Grand Army of the Republic cemetary there, with more than 150 Civil War veterans interred there. It was an interesting experience. What struck me during the re-enactment was the noise. There were only 10 rifles on the Confederate side and 15 on the Union side, but when they let off a volley it was like getting struck. I can't imagine what it must have been like on a battlefield with thousands of rifles firing at once.

The ceremony part was pretty cool, but I bet the guy who plays a Confederate general gets tired of surrenduring all the time. Afterwards we walked through the cemetary and looked at some of the headstones. That's an old cemetary.

When we got home Dana was mowing the lawn and Jim, our neighbor, was grading the road to our houses. It may only be spring from now 'til Monday, everyone was trying to get some work in. I popped thistles for an hour or so, took out all the ones that had started up in the back yard. I've been meaning to do that for about six months now, it's good to knock that off the list. 



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