MC Panel -- Requirements

by Chuck November 23, 2011

Just to make sure that I know what I’m doing, here are the requirements that I’d like to meet with the control panel.

  • Must have the same form factor as the original front panel. By my measurements, that means 3.5 inches by 2.20 inches.
  • 16-key keypad.
  • 2 LED digits. 
  • Serial port to connect to PC using a BUB USB board.
  • Power for the Membership Card should come from the USB port, but there should also be a simple way to hook up an external power supply.
  • When the serial port is connected the front panel should be able to understand the simple command language that I developed for the serial port adapter.
  • If the serial port is not connected the front panel should act like a hex keypad connected to port 4, and do the standard DMA load.
  • Should have expansion connectors so that additional boards can be stacked.

So keep those in mind as I’m working on the front panel. Hopefully I’ll be able to make all of these work.



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