Batch 16

by Chuck November 30, 2011


This was a full table with my brew worksheet and brew-day log. But the raw HTML editor ate my post, so now I have to redo the whole thing. Here's part, and you'll get the rest when I get back to my paper brew log.

Brew Log and Worksheet
Brewer: Chuck Bigham Brew Date: Nov. 27, 2011
Beer Name: #2 Batch Code: PA-16
Beer Style: American pale ale Total Qty.: 5 gallons
Grain Bill
Quantity Gravity Ingredient G @CLR CU
6 lbs.   Pale malt extract      
1 lb.   20L Crystal malt      
1/4 lb.   Cara-Pils malt      
1/4 lb.   Wheat malt      
Hop Bill
Qty. oz./g Hop Variety α Acid % AAU P/L Boil time Utilization IBU
1 oz. Yakima Northern Brewer 8.5% 8.5 L 60    
1/2 oz. German Hallertau 3.3 1.65 L 15    
1/2 oz. German Hallertau 3.3 1.65 L 5    
Stage Date Gravity Plato % Alcohol Temp Time Vessel
Primary 11/28/2011 1.042     70   6-gallon carboy
Mash Yeast: Wyeast 1098 British Ale
Water: Primo bottled Starter: Smack pack
Treatment: None Priming:
Mash type: Specialty grains  
Total lbs.: 1 1/2  
Strike water qty:  
   Qt./Lb. @  F  
Boil length: 60 minutes  
Finings: None  


Time Temp Notes
1:47 74 Added specialty grains to kettle and started heating.



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