First Light!

by Chuck May 8, 2013

Astronomy Observation Record

 First light for the new Zhumell Z10 telescope.

Date: 5-7-2013 Time: 9:0 p.m. Location: Brambly Hill
Instrument: Z10 Aperture: 254mm Focal length: 1250mm
Eyepiece/Magnification: 30/ 32/ 17/
Transparency: Seeing: Average
Conditions: Bright sky


Object Notes


Used Saturn as a bright spot to dial in the Telrad and finder scope. Finder was pretty much dead on, Telrad needed some work.

Easily resolved rings and Titan even with lowest power. Averted vision shows suggestion of ring lanes with 8mm eyepiece.


Another bright spot to test the Telrad and finder. Color oscillates between blue and yellow -- when I deliberately defocus the smeared star appears yellow.


Easily found by naked eye. Through 17mm eyepiece three attendant stars are seen. Not sure if these are companions or field stars.

Mizar & Alcor

As usual a lovely cluster of jewels in the night sky. As I was watching a satellite too small for the naked eye rush passed East to West.

Cor Caroli

 Practically at the Zenith. Makes it a tough target for the Dob.


 Another satellite. This one heading from NW to SE. Picked it up near the altitude of Cor Caroli, it finally faded near Saturn


Caught my first faint fuzzy. At least I think that I did. I saw two unresolved blurs of light, each with a brighter center. The lack of field stars made it difficult to focus properly when changing eyepieces.

Occasionally I could make out a suggestion of spiral arms with averted vision, but I think I'm again guilty of wishful seeing.

Found with 32mm, best view was with 13mm. Tried the 8mm, but view was too dark.

Thought about trying to draw, but decided it wouldn't look that good. Should use a 2-per drawing sheet or make a new sheet for quick drawings that I can index off logs.


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