Fixing a mistake

by Chuck August 6, 2002

I had a little time this afternoon before we went off to get the kid's pictures taken, so I did a little puttering on the boat.

When I replaced the through deck plug for the mast wiring, I wasn't 100% sure I connected the masthead light so it would work. The plug has a large pin for an index, and I used that one for the ground, but I've never been sure that I connected the positive wire so that the light would come on. I've never used the lights, but I'd like to have them in case I ever need them.

Today I pulled the deck fitting and the plug apart and moved the white wire for the masthead light to the pin opposite the fat pin. There's only one of those, and I'm pretty sure I got it on right. Tonight after dark I'll go out and turn it on and make sure it works.



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